PROXIA MES software - tune up your manufacturing operation!

Increase delivery reliability and competitiveness with PROXIA MES.


The PROXIA automation pyramid for optimizing your production operations.
The PROXIA automation pyramid for optimizing your production operations.

PROXIA MES increases your added value in manufacturing and production operations. The platform achieves this with extremely fast planning calculation times (Control Room), automated data capture (MDE), easy-to-use production data acquisition (BDE) and real-time analysis (Online Monitoring). PROXIA's procedure management system allows you to test process optimization measures and initiate a continuous process of improvement (KVP).

How PROXIA MES benefits you

  • Reduces production throughput times by 55%
  • Minimizes data entry times by 36%
  • Reduces errors and rejections by 22%
  • Produces 67% less paperwork
  • Requires 22% less preparation time
  • Reduces work-in-progress by 32%

PROXIA MES is a modern MES concept based on state-of-the-art technology. The latest development standards (e.g. Microsoft Silverlight) guarantee optimum performance and the highest levels of security for network environments. PROXIA Online Monitoring supports the latest browsers, which enable you to display up-to-date information at any time from any location.

No proprietary interface, a demand-based system structure, easy operation –
and a faster ROI for the customer

PROXIA MES is a modular system. Precision use of the various modules guarantees a streamlined system and administrator structure that targets and eliminates waste in manufacturing and production processes. This leads to almost immediate improvements and a fast ROI.